Monday, April 30, 2012

Throw Me a Life Preserver!

Our 31 year old Maytag Washer finally decided to cash it in. Imagine our horror to discover what government regulation has done to washers and dryers. There is nothing even comparable on the market that could come close to taking the place of our Maytags. Alas . . . So we did the best we could and on the advice of our trusty repairman, purchased one of the few remaining 2011 sets from our local Mom and Pop appliance outlet. The new ones are Amanas, pretty basic but still direct drive. They were delivered and professionally installed last Wednesday.

I washed several loads and was having trouble warming up to the new reality. After church yesterday, I started another load and went off to my weaving studio. Several minutes later I looked up to see water seeping under my door. Out in the hallway, the water was inches deep. Two hallways, a bathroom, the laundry room, a coat closet, one side of my studio and out into the garage, the water was everywhere!

Fortunately, my husband was home. We spent the rest of the day and well into the night working to clear the water, move furniture, books and other items, and wet-vac as much of it out of the carpeting as possible. John ran to the hardware store and came home with a new high-powered wet/dry vac and a heavy duty floor fan.

I had planned to start warping for a new rug order today. With my studio torn apart, I will be vacuuming and blowing instead. Life is full of surprises.

We miss our Maytags more than ever, not once did they ever flood. This afternoon will see us doing battle with our friends at the appliance store. And by the way, the "new improved" government-mandated machines are pieces of junk! And don't get me started on detergents without phosphates, light bulbs, low flow toilets, low flow shower heads, and on and on.

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