Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Evolving While Weaving

I heard from Jasper’s grandmother that he and his family are thrilled with the bright green and yellow Wee Coverlet. May it warm him and the lively colors delight him for years to come. Thinking of him makes me happy.

Wee Swedish Coverlet Warp #113
Fresh off the loom is my final warp of Wee Swedish Coverlets. It’s been nearly two years since I began weaving the “Norse Kitchen” draft. It’s interesting to keep working with a design over a period of time. Repeating a warp over and over offers time and opportunity for experimentation and discovery. By now I feel I know the “language” of this draft. And I made it enough my own to rename it “Swedish Kitchen” and “Swedish Wee Coverlet”.

There is always more to learn. I don’t presume to know anything more than anyone else. My constant disclaimer is, “This is what works for me right now.” Which goes to show that my techniques are constantly under review and often changing. Nothing substitutes for experience. Weaving at the loom is the perfect time to imagine and consider improvements. New ideas pop up all the time. Weaving friends, guild speakers and workshops inspire further thought. Ideas come from books, magazines and groups such as Weavolution. It’s important to admit to myself that I will never know enough while at the same time pursuing as much wisdom as possible.

Stack of 15 Wee Swedish Coverlets minus 2 already in use
Weaving many warps in order to learn as much as I can produces a surplus. Using the Swedish Kitchen draft I wove a total of 73 pieces on nine separate warps. That’s a lot of Kitchen towels and Wee Coverlets. Some of them I will keep for future gifts to family and friends. Two babies already enjoy their coverlets. Other towels and coverlets will go into the Seattle Weavers’ Guild annual sale.

Next time I will post more photos from the last Wee Coverlet warp. Here is the whole stack of 15 from three warps minus the two already in use by my granddaughter and baby Jasper.

Immediately after I snapped a few photos of the way these are hemmed, a commenter asked how I finished them. So next time you can expect to see photos of the way I sew hems.

Warp On/Weave Off,