Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wee Coverlets for Baby Revisited

 Wee Coverlets are a blast to weave even though they take a lot of time. I wanted to thread another warp. Here is the result - seven coverlets and a small eighth piece, perhaps a ⅔ coverlet.
Wee Coverlets for Baby by RepWeaver
Wee Coverlets for Baby by RepWeaver

The warp is 20/2 mercerized cotton in Natural with a few yellow ends and two variegated ends in the borders. The pattern wefts are 10/2 mercerized cotton.

Wee Coverlets for Baby with source book
Wee Coverlets with source book.
This is the little book where I found the Miniature Overshot draft I used. The title is Miniature Patterns for Hand Weaving: Part II by Josephine E. Estes. This book is in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF here: Original Miniature Patterns for Hand Weaving: Part II
The draft I used is Maltese Cross found on page 9 of the book.

Detail of Wee Coverlet
Detail of Wee Coverlet, Maltese Cross by RepWeaver
Detail of Wee Coverlet, Maltese Cross by RepWeaver
Next you see a couple of close-ups to show you how the border colors worked out. The maroon one looks different than the rest because I used the warp yarn as tabby until it ran out. After that I substituted a tan yarn, slightly darker than the warp color. The result makes for a livelier background that I find pleasing.


Two Wee Coverlets side-by-side for comparison
Here are side by side coverlets from two warps. The one on the left is from a previous warp. Its draft is Lover's Knot I. The one on the right is a Maltese Cross wee coverlet.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Gift

Looper Potholder
My Granddaughter's Gift
When our little granddaughter celebrated her fifth birthday her mother suggested a potholder loom as our gift to her. I wasn't expecting her to do very much with it until she was older and thought Mom was going to have to do most of the work for her. Imagine my surprise. Our tiny girl is a great weaver. Not only that, she has a talent for color and pattern. After the first one or two potholders she was off and running, doing even the finishing all by herself. She finished off two bags of loopers already so today we had to order some more for her. Can you tell how tickled this grandmama is?
And now today our little one was learning how to crochet. Wow!
Here is one of her looper creations given as a gift to me. She is one "gifted" little girl.