Friday, April 27, 2012

Pinwheels At Last

These pinwheel scarves were finished almost three weeks ago. They were woven with yarn that had been on my shelf for years and years. I had been wanting to try this draft probably for as long as I've had the yarn. Here is the happy result. There are six scarves total in two different treadlings. I like them well enough to save one for myself.

Last week my husband was away on business and I took the opportunity to sew four new fish shirts for him. I've been sewing these for ages. Ever since I first took him to a quilt shop he has been anxious to find fish fabrics. He loves fish, has his own business cutting fish out of metal (Steelhead Fabrications) and enjoys wearing these every chance he gets. They are from a Burda pattern that I have used for years.
He wore the other one today which is why there are only three here.

I love matching the pockets. Can you see the pocket on this one?

Here are some of his famous fish shirts. There are a few more and even more that have been retired. When they wear out I actually have to quietly put them aside so he doesn't notice. But I save them and plan eventually to weave the old retirees into a rag rug in his honor.

My task this week has been to clean and repair the master bath shower stall. So it has been scrub, scrub, scrub, grout repair, caulking removal, etc. Right now I'm on a "drying" step. It will be nice to have the shower back in use. Maybe in a few short days . . .

Weave off,

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