Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Down, One to Go

It has been awhile. Guess I should be more patient when the bloggers I follow fall silent for a time.

Anyway, the little pouches have been finished for a week but my pinwheel scarves are going on and on and on. This warp seems infinite probably because it is a two-shuttle weave which means it tends toward the tedious. Plus they are all the same color which means no playing with new color-ways. Alas . . . And scarves are so very long. I'm weaving them 76 inches long. Not being much of a scarf weaver, it's hard to know if they will be a good length after washing/finishing/shrinkage. Right now I am about half-way through the fifth scarf and still can't see the end of my warp. It got so bad I took a break today and baked bread. But that wasn't such a bad thing, was it? So enough of the whining already! Stay tuned.

Here are my little pouches. They are from scraps left over from a quilt my daughter made. Her favorite colors are yellow and blue - together. The pattern is "Little Wallet" by Valori Wells. These are fun to sew and especially fun to embellish which I did with my own beaded tatting. Each one is different. Variety is "The Spice of Life," isn't it?

Weave off,

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