Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bother Number Two

The second thing that really bothered me while weaving "Norse Kitchen" with my usual set-up was the floats. They were too long to be practical for use as a towel. I kept thinking how my rings would snag those floats. This was clearly unacceptable.

Here is the first towel. Warp is 20/2 cotton sett at 30 e.p.i. with 10/2 red perle cotton for pattern weft.
Those floats are far too long. After wet finishing they weren't just long, they were loose. Awful!


  1. I love this draft, but have always steered clear of Overshot for towels for exactly the reason you mention - the floats.

    Curious that it won't square as written, too. The only overshot I've done was a bear to square, but in the opposite way - I had to beat the heck out of it to compress it to get squares.

    Love your color combination, too - very festive and traditional!

  2. Hi, Diane

    Overshot works well for towels using 20/2 cotton as warp sett at 30 e.p.i. and 10/2 as pattern weft. Weaving on that scale is slow but very much worth the effort.

    I appreciate your kind comments.