Friday, August 4, 2017

Warp Speed Summer & Quality Assurance

From June 2017:

During the last few weeks I hosted a mini-workshop and a study group meeting, both here at our home. My guild, the Seattle Weavers’ Guild, boasts around 325 members with many activities and sub-groups, Mini Workshops being one of them. Any member can request a leader or topic of interest for an informal learning opportunity. Having hosted and led Mini-Workshops in the past but not recently I volunteered to have another go.

I decided to keep the topic open by suggesting the title “Shop Talk”. Nine weavers converged on my home. We had a lovely time, at least I did. They were interested in my weaving process and it was fun to share things I have learned and worked out for myself over my 29 years as a weaver. As I told the group, “For the most part we weave alone.” It is easy to feel like a Silas Marner of sorts and it isn’t until Hephzibah comes along that we realize the need for her company. At least that is how I feel.

After the fact, it would have been good to limit myself to a specific topic. I had enough material for far longer. Single topics could possibly be Rep Weave, Tips & Tricks and Rag-Monger 101. I have specific ways of preparing and arranging rags within a Rep Weave piece that others find interesting and possibly helpful. Believe it or not, rags can be a hot topic. So I will consider and perhaps volunteer to teach again.

There is one point in particular I mean to stress whenever and wherever I speak of my work: the learning never ends. Or in other words, this is how I do things today but if I learn a better way I may change tomorrow. Weaving is full of learning opportunities and I intend to make the most of them whenever possible.

My husband and I, best friends almost from the moment we met, mark nearly four decades of marriage this June. Our firstborn will celebrate his 36th birthday this month. Then there was Father’s Day. Plus early next week our son-in-law, daughter and our three little grandchildren arrive for a visit. June 2017 turns out to be an especially busy month.

Much Later:

Wow! June and July went by in a flash. I wrote the preceding with intention to post just as we hit warp-speed here at home.

In spite of great busyness I have been weaving a bit. For my workshop and rug group meetings I warped my loom with rep rugs in purples and gold/greens. I will share photos next post. Yesterday I tied on to that warp a new color way to weave a wedding gift rug for Alec and Sarah who were married July 1st. Yes, I have some catching up to do but, as they say, the beat goes on. (That last sentence would not please Lynne Truss. Might she grant dispensation in the case of idioms? Ms. Truss is among my heroes and I would hate to disappoint.)

Test-Napping a Wee Pine Tree Coverlet
In the meantime, while here our tiniest family member took on the job of quality assurance. Here she is test-driving (test-napping?) one of my Wee Pine Tree coverlets. I am happy to report it earned her stamp of approval.

August brings “dog days” but also the hint of autumn. So there is hope. Happy August, everyone!

Warp On/Weave Off,

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